We strive to maintain the same grading conventions commonly applied to role playing games both on and off line.  Though we try hard to match these classifications there are variations within individual grading systems; for this reason we have defined our standards to the following scale.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

This grade is reserved for perfect items.  It is largely theoretical as even items fresh out of a factory box will usually have some tiny flaw.  For this reason this grade is very seldom used on this website.


Item has very strong color and next to no noticeable wear.  There may be one or two very small and light stress marks at the spine or perhaps a bumped corner at its very tip but for all intents and purposes this item could be sold as "new, off the shelf" condition.


Items listed as Very-Fine may show some wear but will still be in very nice shape with strong color and bindings and no major wear.  A few stress marks near the spine, a very light crease, perhaps some light rounding at corners or very little staple rust; there will be no writings or odors.  Overall this will be a very nice book that has been well preserved without any serious problems.  It will easily be superior to any average graded item.


Items in this condition are clearly used but show strong color, bindings may have light wear but are structurally strong, there may be several stress marks at the spine, some scuffing, perhaps light rust to staples or abrasion at spine, some light creasing, rounding at corners or even some light markings.  A few of these detracting points may occur at once but overall the item will still be in nice shape with much use left in it if not perfectly collectible.


These items show more wear than previous categories, and to a greater degree, but are still structurally strong.  There may be some color fading and/or scuffing, abrasion or partial detachments at spine, some writing or highlighting may be found, creasing, staple rust, rounded or chipped corners; could have a musty odor.  There may be small amounts of several of these types of problems or one very large detracting flaw such as a hard bend at center.


This item will show heavier wear but is still in no danger of falling apart.  There may be numerous markings, perhaps pieces of tape, cover splits of up to fifty percent on books, light water damage, tears, scuffing, color fading, separation of the cover from staples, staining, a musty or smoky odor, heavy creasing or other wear.  Frequency of these flaws may include several of these detractions but the book will still be usable and generally considered "solid".


An item in this condition may have several significant flaws but will still be complete or nearly complete.  There may be tears, water damage, complete cover splits to books, bends, creases, writings, odors, heavy soiling or detached pages.  Fair condition usually works for those seeking extremely rare items too expensive to find in higher grades or for those desiring inexpensive items for play and don't mind the damage.


We generally do not sell this grade.  This item will have so many flaws as to make it valueless or unusable.